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Shawnee Theatre- 2011

Written by: R.N. Sandberg

Director: Kevin Guthridge

Scene Design: Dylan Luke

Lighting Design: Katherine Stepanek

Costume Design: Justin Feichter

Photographer: Katherine Stepanek

This dramatic retelling of the famous novel by the same title is more of a performance piece than straight play.  Dr. Frankenstein's lab is a mix of steampunk meets macabre, with his monsters taking on the same themes.  With the set a mixture of textures and colors, the lighting reflects the variety as more saturate colors emerge for the doctor's dream sequences, and the vibrant, crisp tones for the monster in the lab.  Both of these styles of scenes are more dance than reality, with the dramatic angles to match the dream-like quality of the movement on stage.  The scenes based in "reality" are portrayed as memories, with a more muted, sepia tone, and less drastic angles.

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