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Almost, Maine

Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University - 2011

Written by: John Cariani

Director: John McCluggage

Scene Design: Rebecca Peterson

Lighting Design: Katherine Stepanek

Costume Design: Sarah Swafford

Photographer: Katherine Stepanek

With scenes at night on the frozen lake, to the basement laundry room, to the crowded bar, every scene in this show is at a new location, with the only similarity being that each scene ends with the Northern Lights covering the sky behind the audience.  These lights cast a glow across the whole space, no matter which side of the stage the audience is on.


Each scene is clear and crisp, with colors and angles varying depending on the action taking place.  For instance, everything takes a vibrant, neon feel when the action is in the bar, and an icy winter's night descends when they boys are ice skating.

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