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Naked Mole Rat Retail Cart
Environment Research

Director: Caulene Hudon

Scene Design: Katherine Stepanek

Lighting Design: Matt Benes

Costume Design: Sherri Geerdes

Sound Designer: Christy Hernandez

Photographer: N/A

The Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Cancelled due to COVID-19

The Rose Theatre - 2020

Book and Lyrics by: Mo Willems

Music by: Deborah Wicks La Puma

A children's show about naked mole rats, with a punk rock flair?  This show goes from the mundane tunnels of these shunned rodents to the colorful, bright world of the characters as they discover the possibility of clothing, the ability to be different.


The scenery reflects the colony's development of personalities, starting out in the dreary, lifeless tunnels in the ground.  The world becomes more colorful and crazy with lighting and tricks: lighting booms drop from the ceiling, tunnel columns change color from the inside, light and fog extrude from the cinderblock facing on the platforms for the concert moments. These naked mole rats transform their whole world as they discover who they can be individually in this fantastical children's rock musical by Mo Willems.

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