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Shook [Rendering]


University of Maryland Department of Dance - 2017

Choreographer: LaTefia Bradley

Scene Design: Katherine Stepanek

Lighting Design: Peter Leibold

Costume Design: Jeannette Christensen

Sound Designer: Jeff Dorfman

Photographer: Geoff Sheil

This performance piece combines dance and new media to throw the audience for a loop as they are confronted with the question,"What has SHOOK you to your core?"

Focusing on the inequality that still persists today, a juxtaposition is created on stage as dancers interact with the audience with iPads and video, only to immediately become women in slave's quarters in 1810.  Over the audience's heads hangs projected video of these women explaining what has shook them, in both time periods, overlapping with the composed music.  The performance shows that no matter how the world changes, some things remain constant.

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