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Lady Windermere's Fan

Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University - 2012

Written by: Oscar Wilde

Director: Paul Mason Barnes

Scene Design: Colt Frank

Lighting Design: Katherine Stepanek

Costume Design: Edward Ray Keily

Photographer: Katherine Stepanek

Upper-crust London in 1892, Lady Windermere's drawing room is created with clean, straight lines and saturate colors.  Using a simple, elegant color palette, the lead characters are pulled out of the world, with their lighter costumes than the secondary characters.  With light coming through the extensive walls of windows surrounding the edge of the thrust stage, the natural light shifts throughout the room as the days go on.  When the curtains behind the doors close during Act III, transforming the space into Lord Darlington's chambers, the colors change to reflect the new fireplace in the center of the stage, and the angles shift lower.  This gives a more intimate, intense feeling for his bachelor space, as opposed to the open, welcoming environment of Lady Windermere's drawing rooms.

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