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The Receptionist

The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University - 2011

Written by: Adam Beck

Director: Kaitlyn McIntyre

Scene Design: Rai Feltman

Lighting Design: Katherine Stepanek

Costume Design: Rebecca Peterson

Photographer: Katherine Stepanek

The story of average office workers, ninety-five percent of the show takes place at the receptionist's desk in this inner city suite.  The last five minutes of the show, everything changes, as Beverly discovers her office mates are all actually hitmen, and she works for a company full of killers.  Unfortunately for her, this makes her the next mark for her boss.  With this revelation, the whole space changes with lighting.  The walls become backlit, with the shadows of former marks looming over Beverly.  The front lights disappear, leaving Beverly in a sickly florescent, flickering downlight, reminiscent of a stereotypical interrogation lightbulb.  This flickering changes to a lightning strike, as Beverly's life is stolen from her.

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