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[A Christmas Carol] Compared to other theatrical adaptations, audiences will note a more intimate, warm, and immersive scenic presence from designer Katherine Stepanek...

– Alan Sherrod, ArtsKnoxville


[Detriot '67] Scenic designer Katherine Stepanek provided an easy to navigate basement room, full of clutter and delicious details... Pushing at an energetic angle against the audience seating in the Carousel, Stepanek’s space is both spacious and confining simultaneously.

– Alan Sherrod, ArtsKnoxville

[Exit, Pursued by a Bear] CBT’s Lab Theatre is a small space, which makes the play’s visual work all the more impressive. Director Sams was helped along by a creative staff that fashioned a perfect environment for the physical action—Katherine Stepanek’s marvelous Southern Gothic living room set...

– Alan Sherrod, ArtsKnoxville

[Insect Play] Through the intricate set design and incredibly beautiful insect costumes the Conservatory brought a whole new world to life… Katie Stepanek created a world so dreadfully delightful that the audience becomes enthralled with the first act.

- Katy Miller, Ampersand

[Insect Play] The scenic design by Katie Stepanek, fulsomely lit by Nathan Scheuer, is both otherworldly and, by evening's end, hilariously functional.

- Dennis Brown, Riverfront Times



[Rounding Third] The variety of lighting by Katie Stepanek is an authentic looking masterpiece. 

-George Walker, NPR Bloomington

[Haunting of Hill House] Katie Stepanek designed both the excellent set and the lighting. Gloomy trees... make an excellent backdrop for this house hidden away in the forest - this produces some uh-oh moments for both cast and audience.

– Doris Lynch, Bloomington Herald Times

[Ring of Fire] Katie Stepanek’s lighting created a dynamic visual space.

- Doris Lynch, Bloomington Herald Times

[Comedy of Errors] The lights bring Shakespeare’s lavish world to life... Light and sound cues are timed perfectly, and the effects never distract from the superb acting on stage.

–Matt Smith, Kansas City Star

[Comedy of Errors] Not only does the cast provide a sense of fun and spontaneity on stage, but the technical aspects of the show are also quite entertaining and help to create the general atmosphere of the play. Katie Stepanek, as the lighting designer, does a stellar job with the lighting design. 

-Melissa Boatright, Lee’s Summit Journal

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