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All My Sons

Shawnee Theatre - 2011

Written by: Arthur Miller

Director: Kevin Guthridge

Scene Design: Katherine Stepanek

Lighting Design: Dylan Luke

Costume Design: Justin Feichter

Sound Designer: Kevin Guthridge

Photographer: Katherine Stepanek

The Keller family lives in a falsely idyllic place, the epitome of the American home, with the 2.5 kids and the white picket fence.  To the outside world, they lead a typical American life, even through the loss of a son in the War.  As the play continues and secrets are revealed, the audience starts to see the cracks in their lives, and eventually, the cracks break the whole world.  The scenic design for this show mimics this hidden world of despair.  The Kellers even have that white picket fence, but the fence is missing posts and falling apart.  The porch no longer has a rail.  One of the windows in the house is cracked.  Even the tree is dying.  They are trying to hold this life together with everything that they have, but no matter how hard you try, reality will come crumbling down.

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