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Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Lab Theatre at the Clarence Brown - 2019

Written by: Lauren Gunderson

Director: Casey Sams

Scene Design: Katherine Stepanek

Projection Design: Katherine Stepanek

Lighting Design: Helen Garcia-Alton

Costume Design: Margo Birdwhistell

Sound Designer: Chandler Oppenheimer

Photographer: Katherine Stepanek

Where does this comedy about domestic violence fit into the world?  Because the subject is so emotionally volatile, the end result is a realistic, brutally honest set to show the horrors of Nan's life, with comedy being intermediately overlaid on top of that foundation with props, sound, costumes, and projections.  The projections are partially used to create supertitles, writing Nan's story as she creates her own script.  The side screens are used in conjunction with the lighting and sound to create environments outside of the house for flashback and flash-forward scenes. Using these techniques, subject of domestic violence lets the play have fun with Nan's humorous retribution throughout the show.

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